Dyrup Dealers Convention 2012

"Fresco", a new advanced technology that repels sun rays up to 20%
"DYRUP" honors the dealers during its annual convention

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - March 26, 2012: DYRUP – the UNIVEST's flagship decorative brand epitomizes technology, innovation and pre-eminent quality – held "DYRUP Annual Dealers' Convention 2012" to honor the authorized dealers throughout the Kingdom, review the results and achievements during 2011 and share the company's expansion and development plans for 2012. The overall theme for the evening was celebrating colours ie. celebrate success with Dyrup exclusive dealers. The convention launched an external fashionable houses' exterior paint – which is the first of its kind - under the name of "Fresco". The convention that was held in Riyadh in the presence of 250 authorized dealers, the company's management and the media, honored a number of dealers who have achieved the highest sales results in 2011.
DYRUP, has all the proud to launch "Fresco" as a product that was developed and tested within two years in the company's laboratories in the Kingdom by its experts and specialists to get the best paints technology to meet the modern houses' architecture requirements.

"Fresco", that has been tested according to the Saudi specifications and standards, is the first product of its kind in the market in the homes' exterior paints' industry as a new and unique modern wave in the development of such an industry.
"Fresco" has a number of specifications and features in one product; and thanks to its "Dyrocool" advanced system that uses an advanced technology which is designed to repel the sun's heat by 20% to be the first product with such technology that guarantees the resistance of this high temperature's rate through this outside coating. This high-capacity and solid product over the wall is designed intelligently to ensure survival without flakes even in the most difficult circumstances with a color lasts over the time, in addition to being an anti-cracks product depending on its nature that copes with the walls' expansion and contraction. Fresco's unique components ensure its resistance to water absorption, sand storms protection as it is designed to be easy to clean. "The company always seeks to increase investment in skilled and specialized labor, and in its laboratories' techniques as the company invests a significant percentage of its revenues to support research and development in order to obtain unique products that meet the market requirements", said Eng. Ali Abdullah Alyan, the Managing Director of United Industrial Investments Company.

He pointed out that DYRUP's paints increased its market share achieving an obvious growth in 2011 after expanding the dealers' network to cover all the Kingdom cities and meet the growing demand for all of its products. DYRUP has achieved growth that parallels with the development of the construction sector in the Kingdom, especially in the light of Saudi government's support for such a sector after pumping tens of billions to be invested in the housing construction and to attract the local and foreign investments' companies that invest huge capital in the field of residential architectural sector. The convention distributed prizes of light and medium-sized trucks to the dealers who achieved the highest sales. In this regard, Eng. Alyan expressed the company's thanks and appreciation for DYRUP's dealers who are considered as success partners through their efforts in customer's service, which promotes a positive image for DYRUP that is reflected through the continuous increase in the number of its customers and rates of sales. During the convention, DYRUP also launched its new website (http://www.dyrup.com.sa) in order to facilitate communications between brand and its customers in a practical, easy and effective way. The new website's includes a color selection, room design ability with any color of paint, which is chosen so that anyone can be a decoration designer of his / her home and by himself or herself, and this is particularly what the women require, especially the housewives who have become the decision makers to choose the form and colors of their paints to be consistent with their own tastes and visions for their homes' designs. In addition, the site provides the ability to communicate directly with the marketing department to answer any questions or queries.
United Industrial Investments Company (UNIVEST), which was formed in 1976, is contributing in manufacturing and distributing the various ranges of the most high-quality products in the world of paints and coatings. UNIVEST's factories are considered as the most advanced ones in its field in the Middle East, and its annual production's volume reaches more than 100 thousand of tons of decorative paints and industrial coatings. However, UNIVEST is proud for being 100% Saudi company and contributes in developing the national industry and the skills and experiences of the Saudi specialists, and investing towards the sustainable development.

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